7 Things I Am Grateful For Today

I'm So Grateful for MangosHappy Monday you guys! I hope your week began on a great note and if not, I hope it gets better. I’m sharing seven things I’m grateful for today:

Exams Are Over

Whoohoo so happy exams are over for June. I have two more in December and then this level will be completed. I’m really looking forward to finishing, but for now, I’m in between classes and the respite is most welcomed. Working and studying is one of the toughest things you can undertake. I always admire single parents holding down full time jobs, taking care of kids aaand burning that midnight oil trying to finish a degree.

Trying New Coffee Shops

The coffee scene in Trinidad is improving, so much so, it seems like I’m discovering a new local roaster daily. On Wednesday I had the privilege of trying a newly opened coffee shop with a fellow coffee lover. We had five drinks between us before we had our fill. The coffee and conversation were so good. I’m looking forward to being back and I’m grateful to have so many options to satisfy my addiction.

Scrambled Eggs And Affogato For Dessert

It is the simple things that mean the most. An impromptu meet-up with two of my favourite people turned into the a quick dinner with on-hand pantry ingredients. This meant scrambled eggs and crix (crackers for my non-Trini readers). For dessert we had affogatos with a Chemex pour over. And on top of all that good food, we had a major brainstorm for our next project. Breakfast for Dinner! HashtagWinning! 

Lazy Sundays

Weekends were just made for slow starts and lazy days. I am so grateful to have a few of those in the coming months to look forward to.

4-Day Work Weeks

For the rest of June, here in Trinidad & Tobago, we have a public holiday every week. Who say beach run! Life is good here on my island in the sun. I am so here for all these 4-day work weeks. We get Thursday off this week and then two long weekends back to back because the next two Mondays are all both holidays. Life is good!

The Start of Mango Season

I had my first julie mango this weekend and it was divine! We don’t have summer here in the Caribbean….we have something better, we have mango season and I couldn’t be happier.

Binge-watching my favourite show

The new season of Orange Is The New Black dropped on Friday. And my potential for this weekend was to watch all the episodes I could around my laziness. I’m on episode 5!

So that’s my seven for this week. On Mondays, “we post seven positives from the previous seven days of the week as a reminder of what we have so that the week starts out on an upswing. There is much truth in the belief that happy people attract good things, so it is important to start the week out right. Sometimes it’s the more grand, but other times, it’s the simple things.” 7 for Seven originated at Key + Arrow.

I hope that by continuing to pay attention to the little things, the mundane details that make up all the blessings in my life and by sowing the seeds of faith and gratitude, I can truly carry with me and reap the rewards of “positivity + balance + bliss” throughout the days ahead.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you! This is me blowing some glitter and confetti on you because you’re super blessed to have received the gift of another 86,400 seconds today, to spend any way you desire.

Make those seconds count!

I love hearing from you…what are you grateful today?Feel free to share below!

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