Travel Movies To Watch When Those Vacation Blues Hit Hard


Photo By: Aaron Burden, Unsplash

I love to travel. It’s when I am happiest. I almost wrote, most happiest…because yes it is a superlative feeling. However, my next vacation is long way from now, and that can be downright depressing if I don’t manage those feelings.

On top of that, my Instagram feed is not making me feel any better. Since it seems like everybody and their mother is travelling to some exotic destination, trying IG perfect food and of course posting about it. Then there is me. Scrolling through my feed, unhappily double-tapping on each photo…because while I am in serious need of a jet fuel fix, I cannot look away.

Travel Via A Movie Night

Until better can be done, how do I handle my vacation envy? By travelling as far as Netflix and the ‘Movie’ folder on my laptop can take me. Here are some of my favourite feel-good  travel movies.

Under the Tuscan Sun: Though not on Netflix, this is one of my all time favourite travel movies. What would my life be like, if I packed up and moved to Tuscany? Fancussingtastic is what! Diane Lane is healing up from a broken-heart, in one of the most beautiful places I daydream of visiting. Plus, she buys a white dress, that makes me want to buy a white dress and make a big romantic gesture as well!

Wild: Because this is extreme hiking in along the Pacific Crest Trail and it ends at one of my travel bucket list destinations – The Bridge of Gods.

Me Before You: Though not a very happy ending and not your typical ‘travel’ movie, the visuals are pretty and the theme of living your best life while you can, makes this a winner for me. Plus, by the end of the movie, I wanted to visit Paris too!

The 100-Foot Journey: This movie set in southern France makes me hungry every.single.time. And it is a reminder, that my second favourite thing about visiting a new place…it trying the food.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty: This is no Eat, Pray, Love. And I could stop here and that should be enough. But Walter hates his job and daydreams about a happier, more adventurous life. Something I can relate to…not so much the hating my job part. Anyways, Walters goes on a trek that involves some stunning locations around the world.

Up: Because no matter your age, adventure is out there!

Now it’s your turn, help me travel even further and share your own favourites below!

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