I started blogging back in 2008. Stopped and started and stopped again to the point where I even forgot about my blog. I looked back on my early musings and I deleted all but the very first post. I deleted them because I felt that they were for another time, a different me. I am older and hopefully wiser and in the words of Wordsworth, I’m ready to ‘fill my paper with the breathings of my heart’.


I’ve thought about this long and hard…and yes I’m finally ready to leave a legacy…a cyber-fingerprint if you will…granted a more organized offering, of my thoughts. As facebook’s “new-toy-shine” fades, I have to find another outlet for all this restless energy! My fingers are itching to get all that’s in my head down somewhere for posterity.

*cue cheese-y music* So it is with little fanfare and but much ado for the little people in my head that I begin this um…blog!