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Endings, Beginnings And Blessings

Endings are beginnings that are really blessings! Today marks the end of my personal challenge, to blog everyday for a month. When I started writing today’s post, which is actually #34 written this month *brushes shoulders off*, four of them will be published later in July. All I could hear was Leslie’s voice from The Hangover movie  saying, “but did you die?”

Nope! I blogged every day for 30 days and I didn’t die. It is also the start of my blogging journey once again. Getting back into writing because I love it and publishing…because I wont die when I do. 

It’s also a FRIDAY, which seems the perfect day to end my blog challenge. It’s Five Minute Friday time and our word prompt this week is BLESSINGAnother full circle moment if you ask me. Because this blogging community is such a huge blessing in my life.

You can join in too. The rules are pretty simple – write for 5 minutes on the word prompt for the week and post to your blog, then add your post to the linky party over at the Five Minute Friday community.

Setting timer now…


Today, marks the end of a chapter for me. It was my last day on my current desk within a department I practically grew up in. On Monday, I move to a new department, new desk, new people, new culture. This move was even more poignant, because I was not unhappy with my work.

Yes it was hectic at times but I’ve found that for me, the work was never the issue. I loved what I did, the people and relationships, however, that’s where the most stress really came from. But I spent eight years in this department. I am writing it now and I cannot believe it has been eight whole years.

You kinda expect “people stress” in a work environment anyway and after eight years, that is more than reasonable. But, they welcomed me during the worst time in my life. They supported me through mummy’s illness and they were there for me when she died. I grew up with this bunch of people. They are my family. And I consider myself truly blessed to have them in my life.

As I moved from area to area within the department, I kept adding skills to my toolbox. These are the skills I hope to use well in my new job. I consider it a blessing to have spent eight years in a space that allowed for growth.


My timer just went off. And I have so much more I want to say. So I’m going to cheat for a bit.

I am struggling a bit with the tense I am supposed to be writing this post in. When I think of my department, it is still in the present tense. So for the purpose of my peace of mind and writing, I will write this in the present.

Blessings upon blessings

My manager is a big believer in empowering staff and teamwork. Space, time and this medium does not allow for sharing three years under her leadership. But her guidance helped me add to my toolbox over the years. I have learnt so much from her and I will be forever grateful.

We spend a third of our day at the office and there will always be overlap. You don’t go into the office looking for friends, but it happens eventually. And I am blessed to say that I have made some true friends over the years.

In the work environment, where people are replaced and nothing is permanent, it can seem like you’re just a cog. Which is why, when you love what you do and you work hard, you want to know that you made a valuable contribution. That you mattered. That your being there, was in fact a blessing. My manager said a few words at the little farewell gathering the team had for me. If she said five sentences, in four of them she mentioned, “We don’t want you to go”.  

That meant a lot. I had other persons call to express their happiness that I am moving forward, to bigger and better. But also sadness that I wont be on the desk anymore. That also meant a lot. And now I take all of that with me to my new job.

I look forward to working hard and making a valuable contribution in my new job. Here’s to making better mistakes, learning and growing. I look forward to taking what the Father has given me and multiplying it, through the work that I do. So that when I come to another ending, it will be the start of something wonderful and yet another blessing.


One of my favourite bloggers got the idea from one of his favourite bloggers and I’ve accepted the challenge to condense 30 days of blessings into one blog post. So here goes:

1. Coffee!

2. The 947,462,400 seconds I had with my mother. Time is short and life is shorter. Love now. Love Now! LOVE NOW!

3. Tiramisu – my all time favourite dessert. Bless the heart, mind and hands that first envisioned and created this decadent “pick me up”.

4. Being able to read.

5. Good Books – there is nothing like curling up with a book and crawling inside the story. And of course I can’t talk about good books and not mention one of my favs, it’s so simple but so profound Harold and His Purple Crayon…inspiring me to create the life of my imagination everyday.

6. Red Wine.

7. Peace of mind. This should really be #1 but I’ll leave it as lucky #7 instead. I’ve attained a peacefulness of spirit in the last few days that is priceless. I did the thing I was most afraid of doing. I said the thing I was most afraid of saying. And I am ok. PEACE. OF. MIND.

8. My aunties...and yes that’s coffee in front of me.

9. That I live on island. The ocean is always only a short drive away.

10. God chose this time in our history to help my mother and father create me. I feel so blessed to be alive in this era.

11. My faith. I’m grateful that my mother knew the importance of spiritual practice and that she encouraged it. Thanks to her for introducing me to God.

12. Good food. This is the yummiest way to have spinach…after smoothies of course.

13. The trackpad on my phone. When it works, all is well with the world. When it doesn’t….more coffee please!

14. My apartment. I love having my own space during this part of my journey. It’s my safe haven. It’s my haiku to my independence…my “look ma…no hands”.

15. My godsons. They keep me on my toes. They remind me that children don’t stay babies forever and you need to cherish those moments. They also make me grateful that I don’t have kids yet.

16. My cohort of awesome! (this is my creative way of saying I’m grateful for my real friends, old and new)

17. That I know the difference between “being in love” and “being 80s power ballad in love”. Survivor or Journey anyone?

I was living for a dream, loving for a moment
Taking on the world, that was just my style
Now I look into your eyes
I can see forever, the search is over
You were with me all the while
– Search is Over, Survivor

18. Rainy days – life is about balance, they make you appreciate sunshine.

19. ABC’s Wednesday Primetime line up! Mitchell and Cam are two of my favourite tv characters.

20. Air-conditioning. I live on an island. Nuff said.

21. 2-ply toilet paper…and that they’re cushy for my tushy (yes I went there!)

22. Tom Hardy. Perfect body…messed up teeth, because the perfect man does not exist. (Tom comes close though!)

23. My yoga practice.

24. My feet. They take me where I need to go despite taking a pounding from the moment I get up until I lie down at night, only to repeat the same process the next day.

25. French Toast!

26. Pinterest – because big girls need toys too.

27. My basil and rosemary plants are thriving. Caprese coming soon.

28. My snoozer body pillow.

29. Getting another day and another chance to live with purpose.

30. That there are 30 things I’m thankful for in my life right now.

Today”s Affirmation:

Today I live and walk in truth.

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else – Erma Bombeck

Today, I am still in turmoil. I feel like I’m back to square one in terms of my emotional progress. Usually, when I feel overwhelmed I either want to be alone or I seek the company of my sister. She is one of my best friends and always gives me the unvarnished truth about my situations. Spending time with her always improves my moods.

I completely unburdened myself to her. I didn’t hold anything back. And there was no judgement. When we walk in truth and light, there is nothing but love. And when we show people who we really are, yes it makes us vulnerable, but it also empowers us. This is who we are and that is all there is. No pretense. Walking in truth, emboldens us in all aspects of our life. Being true and real and showing ourselves as we truly are helps us grow towards an authentic life and that should be the only way we want to live.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I know this adds to my sadness. All this confusion and sadness was impacting on my gift-giving as well. I couldn’t focus on gift giving, when I was thinking only about myself. But the opportunity to give still presented itself. A friend of mine called me up and suggested that we go out for a bit. I decided that this will be my gift. I will take this opportunity to give my time despite how low I was feeling. Turned out being out, being out helped my mood a bit. I am certainly grateful for my sister and the blessing of my friend.