The Parlour Royale. A sweet review.

A Sweet Review: Baked Treats, Chocolates & Hand-Crafted Coffee

Sharing a the love of food and trying new things is something I cherish and enjoy doing with my friends. And even more so when it’s at a new spot. Cuz, we literally live for this ish…

This soon to be café*, is a collaboration between local makers Cocobel Chocolate, Roastel Coffee and Jamie Gerard Cakes. They offer a yummilicious selection of baked treats, chocolates and you can pick up locally roasted coffee to make the perfect dessert or if you’re like me…for food for breakfast as well.

I visited this heavenly space at few months ago and have been meaning to blog about it ever since. But in light of the fact that they are converting to a “dine-in” space, I figured no time like the present to share some of the highlights of my visit.

*Unfortunately, they are closed for renovations at the moment, however, they will reopen to the public soon.

The Parlour Royale: 222-1090, 38 Royal Road, San Fernando.

Attention to details could be seen everywhere.

Samples of their treats for us to nibble on.

Give me all the chocolates!


Stand outs

Everything we sampled and took home.  The chocolates are made from local cocoa and are handcrafted with love. The coffee is from local small batch roaster, Roastel. And the cakes, oh those decadent cakes are also whipped up in house. Listen people, life is way too short not to have dessert, and I say go get it while it’s hot!

I bought some macarons to have at home and I’m glad I did…because it would have been embarrassing for anyone to witness the enjoyment a single  meringue-based cookie can bring a person.

I will be back for

The coffee and all the dessert things. HA! And the thrill of dining-in and sharing the love of food with my friends.

Things to note

There was no WiFi at the time of my visit and no seating. But that is about to change with the much needed and I’m sure anticipated renovations. So if you are in need of little coffee and dessert (which I am always down for) it’s worth the visit.

It’s always nice to discover up and coming coffee establishments…score when they are in my neighbourhood! I spied Kaffe & Kompany on my way to work one morning and made a mental note to check them out when I had the time.

The opportunity presented itself on Saturday and I took advantage. The coffee shop boasts a simple and very affordable menu which includes both hot and cold drinks, coffee (obvs), bagels, paninis, wraps and pasties as well as dessert.

It is fairly new to the area, being only three months old. And even though it is located right on the very busy 12th Street, traffic noise inside the coffee shop is non-existent.

I had the opportunity to meet the owner, who as it turns out is a friend of a friend. What was supposed to be just a quick breakfast, turned into an almost two-hour meal. The staff are warm and welcoming and I felt quite at home.

Kaffe & Kompany: 675-2720, Corner of 6th Avenue & 12th Street, Barataria

What I had: Turkey Croissant, coffee and a fruit smoothie to go. My coffee was good, they use a Cuban blend that is delicious. The croissant was also pretty good. I was not disappointed.

I will be back for: The gourmet ice-cream, this an all natural, no added-sugar affair.

Things to note: WiFi is free and they open on Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They also offer a “Grab & Go” option. So feel free to call ahead and place your order. Perfect for those (like me some mornings) trying to get an affordable, well-made breakfast on the way to work.

Exams hit me hard this week. The first one on Monday morning was kinda bad. Not kinda…it was very bad. I will have to take it again in June next year. Fortunately for me, on my way to the exam center I noticed a sign that said, “Tablespoon Coffee & Dessert House” and after that horrendous exam…I needed a pick me up. Plus I was I saw ‘dessert’ and was curious to find out if they had tiramisu. Becasuse, tiramisu! My ultimate pick-me-up!

While they didn’t have tiramisu (but they carry it sometimes…so I will be back if only to try it) they served up some extra special yumminess that totally made up for the lack of my absolute favourite dessert and the memory of my crap exam.

Tablespoon is located in Curepe, heading east, just before Massy Stores formerly HiLo Food Stores on the Eastern Main Road. It’s been around for a while but has been under new management for the last six months or so. What was amazing to me is that even though it is located right on the main road, traffic noise inside the coffee-house is non-existent. I sat facing the road, but had I turned my back on it, I would not have known that the traffic was right outside the door. The owners did a good job in creating the right ambiance.

The menu is simple and offers both hot and cold drinks, great coffee and tea, as well salads, sandwiches and some yummilicious desserts. I ordered the salmon burger and was informed that it was indeed a House menu favourite. After biting into mine…I knew why. It is simply delicious! Down to the caper sauce drizzled on my plate – which quite frankly tasted like Christmas in a sauce, was so good I broke off a piece of bread to sop it all up lest even a tiny bit go to waste. Happy tummy indeed.

Tablespoon Coffee & Dessert House: 221-8504, 79 Eastern Main Rd, Curepe.

Stand outs: My entire meal – The Salmon Burger and that caper sauce. My coffee was also really good. It was the House brew, which was a decadent, whipped cream, cinnamon dusted bit of heaven. Life is way too short not to get the whipped cream…but if that’s not your thing, Tablespoon has a plethora of options for you to try.

I bought a triple chocolate buttercream cupcake to have at home and I’m glad I did…because it would have been embarrassing for anyone to witness the enjoyment a single cupcake can bring a person.

I will be back for: The Shinta, this is a House Special, which unfortunately I couldn’t try because the coffee machine was not working properly and while I was down for trying it anyway without the trappings, the lovely ladies behind the counter: Samantha and Christiane insisted that I would be short-changing myself and offered to make me something else. And of course the Tiramisu!

I would like to take a moment to mention Christiane here, she was friendly and attentive, in fact I was able to interact with three members of staff and the service is excellent at Tablespoon. Truly a rustic but cozy little Coffee House, certainly raising the bar for coffee houses in the East if not all of Trinidad.

Things to note: WiFi is free and they open on Sundays from 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. So if you are in need of little coffee and dessert on a Sunday afternoon (which I am always down for) it’s worth the visit.

Tablespoon Coffee & Dessert House

After reading this post from TriniChow, I decided to treat myself to a breakfast at The Canvas. Because it’s nice to stop and smell the coffee ever so often.

There is just something oh so sumptuous about dining out for the first meal of the day. To me it feels like I’m on vacation…better yet if I do it mid-week. Man oh man it feels so damn decadent.

This is exactly what I did, on a random Wednesday morning. And because when it’s nice you do it twice…again on a Sunday morning after Mass.

The Canvas definitely raises the breakfast bar. It’s located on Long Circular Rd, just after Courts, and from the moment you enter, you wonder to yourself: What a little gem of spot this is…and so out-of-place in this area. But oh so welcomed.

My server Eugenia was friendly and attentive both times I visited. And quite by accident, I had the absolute fortune to meet the owner on my first visit. We got to chatting and I love her vision for the restaurant and that she attempts to give her customers the very best she has to offer.

The breakfast menu offers local fare as well as pancakes and French toast, along with omelets and other egg dishes. They even serve oatmeal! It is interesting to note that you can request your selected dish made anyway you like, adding or subtracting items to your heart’s desire. So you like your burger served with a poached egg on top? Request it and it’s created for you. Your meal is your canvas and you can create whatever makes your tummy happy!

I haven’t had lunch there yet but the menu is a good one too.

The Canvas: 223-7251, #3 Long Circular Rd, St. James

Breakfast #1: The French Toast which was unlike any I’ve had elsewhere. It was made with homemade whole wheat bread and it wasn’t heavy or oily or sugary. It was just right and topped with fresh fruit.

Breakfast #2: The Strawberry Banana Crepe. Now this was simply delicious. Light, with the right amount of yummy! Yes I know this is technically dessert, but I had this on a Sunday…and why not? It’s nice to start the day…the week with dessert for breakfast!

Stand outs: The Mochaccino. This was a decadent, whipped cream, chocolate syrup covered bit of heaven.

Things to note: WiFi is free, all you have to do is ask the staff for the password. There is a crowd on the weekend, especially during that “after Church” time on a Sunday, so it is best to make a reservation. Mid-week was less crowded.

The Canvas



This is an African Zulu greeting, which means “I see you”,
I see your personality, I see your humanity,
I see your potential, I see your presence,
I see your dignity and I respect
and appreciate all that I see.

The response “Ngikona” means “I am here.”
Until you saw me, I didn’t exist and I am here to be seen.

This space is a dialogue between you and me. When you find
this heart expression of mine and it resonates with you…
we see each other.

Thus, Sawubona now becomes an invitation to participate in
each other’s life and for this I thank you for reading and
allowing me this moment to be part of your journey.

I see you and I am grateful for you.

Today is Love Note Day, and I’m sending some Light & Love your way.