Jaywalking at its worst

Jay walking n. walking across a street outside of marked cross-walks and not at a corner, and/or against a signal light. If there is vehicle traffic or clear markings of a place to cross, this is a traffic misdemeanor subject to fine, and may be (but not conclusively) contributory negligence in the event of injury to the jay walker by a vehicle.

This happens everyday.

This irks me every single morning on my way to work. Pedestrians ignore the traffic lights and risk life and limb to dodge traffic as they illegally cross the road.

A herd of Jay Walkers

I took these photos with my phone on my way to work this morning. I apologize for the poor quality of photos, but I wanted to show the very real side of everyday life in the “tropics”. This blatant disregard for basic traffic laws, is an everyday occurrence. You can clearly see that the light for pedestrian crossing never turned green, but these people crossed anyway. Then we wonder crime is so high in our country? If we cannot get the little things right don’t be surprised when we can get a whole Section 34 wrong!

Pure joy!

I took this photo during my trip to St Vincent & The Grenadines recently. It was the last day of school for most of the children on the islands and this little boy and his friends cut school early to play by the sea on their way home. They were all jumping off a pier and boats. They were splashing each other and laughing so hard having such a good time, I just had to capture the moment.

He’s still wearing his vest and schoolpants, shoes and bags left on the pier.

Culloden Bay, Tobago

Merge – photo by Lucy Masters

My friend Lucy, took this photo on our trip to an Eco resort in Tobago last weekend. I kept trying to find the perfect scene that reflected this week’s theme of merge. This photo stood out to me because it is happy, sad, hopeful, romantic and serene all wrapped up in one. The light and dark, ebb and flow of the water, the two chairs in the distance reminding us that there is the human element in the rawness of nature, can all be seen here. I absolutely loved this.