Photo by: Kristina Flour, Unsplash

Secret Single Behaviour

Shhhh….We all have a side of ourselves that we don’t want others to see…where “others” in this instance, refers to anybody you’ve ever dated or are currently dating. Carrie Bradshaw called it her SSB or Secret Single Behavior. She would stack saltines, put grape jelly on them and then she would eat them standing up in her kitchen, all while reading the latest issue of Vogue. 

For me, however, I suck at dating! I even “caught” the bouquet at my cousin’s wedding last July and still….nothing. So my SSB has become pretty much my way of life. And I’m not sure that that is such a bad thing. I am learning that the more I settle into my me-ness or rather the little idiosyncrasies I’ve developed over my thirty*cough* years on this earth, the happier I am becoming.

All The Single Ladies

Can you relate? Do you have any SSB? Okay, I’ll go first and share a bit about my own SSB — I am addicted to Bejeweled Blitz and when I get home from work, I play a game or five to decompress from the work day. I take a special pleasure in being top of the leader board. And I cheer for my own damn self when I do it too.

And sometimes when I cook, I eat the meal straight out of whatever pot I cooked it in…because less dishes to wash. No shame in my less-dishes-to-wash game. And if I am doing laundry, you better believe that everything goes in the wash, including whatever I am wearing at the time.

Yep, that means walking around naked until the laundry is done. Easy to do when you’re doing said walking in the apartment you are paying for with your own money. A quick win that is twofold – one chore less on my to-do list and no clothes in the basket to wash.

Hey, another thing I’ve learned in this time alone is how to laugh at myself. Seriously…who writes about their secret single behaviour and thus, renders their behaviour not-so-secret anymore?

Now it’s your turn to spill some tea:What’s your SSB? Please share in the comments below and I promise no judgement. 

Today has been a mellow day spent reflecting mostly. For me quirks are neither good or bad. They really are what makes us human…oh and I prefer to say idiosyncrasies instead of “quirks”…obviously this is one of mine.

Anyways, one of my other idiosyncrasies is that when I hear a song I like, I play it over and over until I learn all the words by heart or make up my own dance to it or I just get sick of hearing it. Lately, this one by A Great Big World has been on repeat. It sums up my mood perfectly and I already know all the words.