Coffee To Go

If we were having coffee, it would be for a quick link up at the coffee shop nearest to my office. And we would have our steaming cups of java to go. It’s been a hectic week around these parts. I started in a new department on Monday and between training on my new desk and still holding the hand of the guy on my old one…I have not had much time to come up for air.

Our cuppas today is of the to-go variety because I still have stuff to complete in the office. And that’s where I’m headed. So sorry that we could not sit and savour our java today. And I am especially sorry that we can’t have our usual catch up, but it really couldn’t be helped.

I still want to hear all your news, so tell me everything and we will catch up fully when the dust settles. What’s happening in your world?

Feel free to share in the comments below.  

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Photo by: Natalie Collins, Unsplash

Because All My Weekend Plans Start With Coffee

If we were having coffee, I would tell that it’s been really busy in my part of the world. And when things get like that, I go back to the basics – sleep and then coffee. Today, we are having a quick cup of coffee, while we catch up. A drink and run if you will, but I’m still going to brew in my usual Saturday slow routine.

Let’s see how did the week go? It was a four-day work week for us Trinis, as Monday was a holiday. However, there were are two things to know about that: 1. Four-day work weeks such when you have deadlines. It means that your those four days actually feel like seven. And 2. We spent Monday being anxious and a little afraid, because we were under a tropical storm watch.

Not So Fun Fact: The storm was named Bret. The last time a tropical storm named Bret was headed our way was in 1993. Tropical Storm Bret was one of the deadliest storms to ever hit our very close neighbour Venezuela and the fact that 2017 Bret seemed to be headed directly for us, was a major source of worry on Monday.

Long rainy night and story short, the storm came with heavy rains and gusty winds. Some parts of Trinidad suffered flooding and homes were damaged. Some parts of our country fared better than others. Most of us were grateful that the impact was not any worse.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that once the storm passed, I was out to work on Tuesday for the start of the longest short work week evah! But I survived, powered by many cups of coffee.

Moving On

Speaking of work and the reason we are having a quick cuppa and catch up this week, I am moving to a new department effective July 01st. Now normally it is tough to ensure that everything is ready for handover, be on top of your work (because the work continues) and say goodbye to the team you have grown to enjoy working with for the better part of four years. But trying to do all of that, in a month with three consecutive four-day weeks…is near impossible.

As a result of enjoying those extra days at home, I am heading into the office today, to get some things done without the distraction of ringing phones and deadline. So sorry to brew and run, but tell me your news and we will catch up fully when the dust settles. What’s happening in your world?

Tell me in the comments below.  

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an awesome link-up where coffee is being shared over great conversations. Join in this week’s fun here.

Rainy Days, Slow Coffee Chemex

Rainy Days, Slow Coffee

Here in Trinidad we get two seasons: Rainy and Dry. We are into our rainy season now and for a pluviophile like myself, this time of the year is my absolute favourite. Because rainy days were just made for slow starts, extra snuggles under warm covers and slow coffee. Guess what, you guys? It’s raining again today.

So join me is a go-slow Saturday, let’s have some recreational coffee, come in for a slow pour over while we catch up. Like I said it’s been a wet week here on my island in the Caribbean. We had a public holiday on Thursday and we have another one again on Monday. So this is long weekend for me.

Fun fact about my easy-going island home, we have one of the highest number of public holidays in the world. We have 18 holidays per year…but we waaay behind Sri Lanka. They enjoy 25 public holidays! In this month of June, we have three holidays, which means four-day work weeks for 3 consecutive weeks.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the downside of short work-weeks is that you end having to make up for the lost day and that usually means one work day can feel like two or a whole month. And unfortunately Friday felt like a month. So today, feels like an extra special lazy day.

Lazy Days And Travel Stories

This week I shared a bit about some of my adventures on my trip to London. I talked about exploring Bath and how much of good time I had in just a few short hours. I have been craving a jet fuel fix lately and what keeps me sane, are those travel memories and the ones I plan on making later on this year.

The funny thing about that London trip is that it has taken me this long to post anything about it. I had such an amazing time and I felt like I truly met myself on that trip. It was such a monumental, personal experience, I wanted to keep it all to myself.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you travelled to a new place and had such an amazing experience that you want to hold on the magic for as long as you can? You want to cherish all the memories over and over but only you, because sharing would mean sharing the magic too?

Tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear some of your favourite travel memories and experiences and if you were never the same for it. 

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If we were having coffee…at this hour it would be an after dinner treat probably with a piece of chocolate or over ice cream…affogato style. I would be regaling you with the highlights of my recent trip to Portland. And you would probably be leaning in to get a closer look at my phone as I scroll through all the photos I took.

I would also have to apologize for the photos of my nephew getting his first bath (which his grandmother enthusiastically albeit questionably shared in our family group…which I haven’t had a chance to move off my phone yet). He’s cute and his expression is priceless but it’s waaay too much of him for you (or anyone other than his parents and immediate family) to see so soon in his very young life.

I would tell you about my impressions of Portland – big city features but really a small town at heart. Imagine, I was there on Easter Sunday and the city pretty much shut down. The mall was closed *gasp* except for H&M and Forever21!

The food scene is amazing and I had the absolute fortune to be visiting during their Dining Month. Think three-course meals for only $29. Brunch was also a favourite of mine. I would also tell you…that for a coffee lover like me it is paradise. Portland is the most coffee-centric city in US…and yes, that includes NYC, LA and Seattle. I tried quite a few coffee shops during my visit and they all embraced their own identity. It made for a very happy time discovering and exploring  each one.

I would tell you that my absolute favourite coffee shop…was not a coffee shop at all. It was a coffee truck! It was called Ole Latte Coffee and I made sure to stop by every day that I was in the city. When you ask me what was it that I loved about the coffee truck…I would grab my phone again and go to my photos of my favourite thing about them.

Ole Latte had what they call a “Suspension Board”. It’s where you can pay it forward by purchasing a coffee for someone who cannot afford to buy a coffee. The baristas at Ole Latte don’t touch the board. You put the mark on the board next to the coffee you bought and the recipient takes the mark off. You don’t need a resume to get the coffee…only that you need it. I LOVED THE IDEA. And I wish more business owners would think about such practical ways to put good karma into the world.

By now we would probably be finished with our coffee treat. I would ask if you would perhaps like another…but you most probably want to see more photos of my trip since I didn’t share that many on Facebook or Instagram and I just spent all the time over dinner and dessert talking my ass off. So of course I would hand you my phone, so you could see the best ones yourself. So here you go:

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