I Caught The Bouquet…NOW WHAT?

Yep. That happened. And it was my first time ever. Aaaand I wasn’t even trying. 

But let me start at the beginning…

So this past weekend was my birthday and my original plan was to be in Las Vegas getting my drink on. Long story short…man plans and God laughs. I ended up staying in Trinidad with no real plan for the weekend (and my birthday) other than spending time with family and attending my cousin’s wedding.

Things have a way of working out, you would think after three decades plus on this earth I would know this by now…but somehow that knowledge does not stick and I need reminders.

Anyways, back to my story, my cousin said ‘I do’ in a sweet ceremony that had the bride, the groom and most of the guests in tears. They are such a lovely couple and I wish them all the best life has to offer on this journey they are about to embark on with each other.

Fast forward to the reception, where things really got celebratory. Thanks to Johnny, Jose and Jack. Then, really medieval – because that’s how long DJs have been shaming all the single ladies at weddings. I took a sip of my scotch and LLB (that’s lime, lemon and bitters for you non-Caribbean folks) feeling all superior that I was just standing there making up numbers for the apparently highly anticipated bouquet toss.

*sad trombones* there was a false start. The bouquet hit the bulk head and landed on the back of my cousin’s lovely dress. That silhouette on her was amazing by the way, such a lovely bride!

Bouquet toss take-two was more successful. As it flew through the air…not too high, not too low all.the.single ladies…save one lunged forward, with excited screams and out-stretched arms…

Then the bouquet landed at my feet. And in my scotch infused humor I looked stupidly at it like…oh hey look. With what felt like minutes of hesitation then a slow-mo stoop to pick it up, I realized that the girl next to me was also waiting on my reaction. Which was priceless in itself.


Oh hey look…I ‘caught’ the bouquet!

So ya’ll I didn’t actually catch the bouquet as much as it landed at my feet and I scooped it up.

My question after the photogs wanted that precious photo of the bride and sexy bouquet-catcher was…what do you do with the bouquet after you catch it? Do you give it back? Although I felt like that might be rude and you know if there is some truth to the legendfairytaletradition about the bouquet-snatcher being the next one to get married, I wouldn’t want to mess that karma up.

Cuz you know, I suck at dating.

All you single ladies…have you ever caught the bouquet at a wedding? What did you do with it afterward…and just out of curiosity *asking this for a friend* were you the next to get married?

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